Pre Employment Medicals

We can help to ensure you minimise risk to your business through the recruitment process by completing a pre employment screening for any manual or physical positions in your business.

"helping you to minimise risk"

Pre Employment Medicals

Pre Employment Assessments help employers test prospective employees against the inherent requirements of the job.  Our Pre Employment Assessments include a comprehensive functional assessment and hearing screening (compliant with Australian Standards).  We are also able to provide onsite drug and alcohol testing as well on request.

Pre employments can give organisations the confidence to employ the right person for the job and know that they will be a productive and dependable employee.  It can also protect against future workplace claims by providing a baseline assessment of the employees' health and knowledge of previous injuries.

We work with employers to understand all the requirements of the job/s and develop a tailored assessment tool.  Our assessors are trained in conducting Functional Capacity Evaluations and can modify the assessment without compromising on reliability and validity.

We also offer these in tandem with  an assessment by a medical practitioner as required.

If your employees perform manual handling and/ or repetitive duties then you should send your employees for pre employment assessments to protect your business and implement effective safety solutions. 

We offer a value for money service and a quick turnaround on reports (24 hours). In addition, we can provide Pre Employment Medical Assessments 6 days per week (Monday to Saturday), with early morning and evening appointments available as well.