Trust Confidence

 We are committed to achieving excellence through quality service provision and consistent results. 

Occupational Rehabilitation


 InMotion Rehab is approved workplace rehabilitation provider. We provide high quality service with experienced staff to assist with an employees return to work.  Including workplace assessments, injury rehab, doctors conferences

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Onsite Injury Management


We can provide your workplace with onsite injury management consulting. We take the injury management process out of your hands, working with your HR teams, insurance companies and employees

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Pre Employment Assessments


We conducts Pre Employment Assessments for employers who want to manage their workers compensation risk. These are competed by qualified allied health professionals.

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Hearing Assessments


 Long-term exposure to excessive noise in the workplace will cause permanent damage and noise induced hearing losses.  Our hearing assessments with help employees minimise risk of exposure to hearing loss compensation claims

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Drug & Alcohol Testing


 We can provide you with urine and saliva testing to determine if your employees have any drugs or alcohol in their system. This can be as part of a pre employment process or randmomised testing throughout employment.

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Safety Consulting


We have several years experience in delivering a range of health and safety solutions to meet your business needs. From simple Risk Assessments to job task analysis to complete safety auditing and consulting programs.

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Welcome to inmotion rehab

InMotion Rehab is an accredited rehabilitation provider. We are commercial focused on onsite return to work injury management services occupational rehab and safety.

We are experienced in managing claims and HR matters to minimize industrial conflict and reduce your premium 

Our business culture is about performance and results. We are performance driven and have strong operational focus understanding the needs of each business. 

We have work with businesses to tailor packages that will suit any business size and any business budget.

InMotion Rehab has been founded with a blend of rehabilitation and human resources experience. Both founding partners have over 10 years experience in their respective industries and together have managed RTW from the perspective of the Insurer, Employer and Workplace Rehabilitation Provider.

InMotion Rehab have a strong understanding of injury management and business and we seek to understand your business when we work with you. We understand the challenges and costs of having employees off work. We also value the role of work and its positive impact on the rehabilitation process.

InMotion Rehab operates with a strong set of values because at the core of what we do, we love helping people and delight in making a difference in people lives. We aim to help all of our customers from workers, employers, insurers/ agents, medical and treatment providers to improve their lives.

InMotion Rehab have a a team of experienced allied health professionals, considered to be experts in their discipline, many of our consultants have both clinical and injury management experience.  We believe that our strong record of outcomes is as a result of our experienced team and and holding ourselves accountable to delivering excellence. 

We believe in building strong long term relationships with the employers and insurers that we work with.  

We have expertise in;

* Rehabilitation services: workers compensation, CTP, Lifetime Care and Support & Life Insurance

*Vocational redeployment and career transition

*Pre Employment Medical and Hearing Assessments

* Occupational Therapy (Activities of Daily Living) Assessments

* Ergonomic Assessments & Training

* WHS Risk Assessments

* Workplace Health and Wellness Training 

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So Why Choose InMotion Rehab?

  •  We are are specialist service, with experienced consults to deliver results quickly
  • We don't overload our consultants, we know that we need to respond quickly when things don't go as planned
  • We seek to understand an employers business to facilitate the best outcome for everyone involved
  • We go a step further and look to prevent future workplace accidents
  • We have strong relationships with local doctors and local health practitioners. 
  • We have the flexibility to attend appointments in the early morning, evening or on the weekend